We are the Youth.
T4C NG (12-15 years)
Teens for Christ New Generation

You don’t want to hang out on Friday evenings on your own? We get that!

We are Teens for Christ New Generation and rather hang out with friends. During dinner together with T4C you can get to know new people, chat in a laid-back athmosphere and talk about all the world and his brother. After the meal we’re among ourselves. Interesting input, funny games and an all around great time together await us! We’ll be supported to discover and develop our gifts. Let’s enjoy the community, we’ll wait for you!

T4C (16-20 years)
Teens for Christ

What’s better than to begin the weekend with friends?

At a casual meal together with T4C NG we can socialise, chat, enjoy the moment, relax but also have plenty of fun. With modern songs and music we want to encounter God personally, orient ourselves towards Him and express what He means to us. We'll have a message which is relevant to our age and exchange ideas about questions of faith and life. Together we’ll discover our calling, our strengths and limits. We’ll help each other to strengthen or only discover our faith, to make friends and become disciples of Jesus. In all this we won’t miss out on fun, games, community and chilling! Are you with us?

Your Summer.

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