Church Service

The highlight of the week is our church service in which we celebrate and encounter God.

Worship & Praise

Worship and praise are core elements of our service. With contemporary Christian songs we praise God and express our love and gratitude to Him this way. During worship we open our hearts to the presence of God.


The sermon conveys the Word of God to us. It inspires and strengthens us in everyday life, refreshing us with new hope.


Prayer is the basis of our communication with God. In the church service we pray for current concerns and offer personal prayer.


Community is important to us. How about a chat after the service, over a cup of coffee or tea?

Kids & Youth

During the service we offer their own programmes for kids and youths, to clearly convey to them the contents of the Christian faith.

Teens Celebration (12-15 years)

Teens Celebration” ought to facilitate the leap into adulthood for you and serves as a bridge between the children’s ministry and the church service. It is kind of a bible school for teenagers that runs in parallel to the church service. Together we find out about the basics in faith, discuss things, touch upon questions that are on your mind. There is room to discover and also challenge your belief. Got curious? Then check it out, we look forward to you!

Kids' Service (3-12 years)

In parallel to the church service, kids’ services take place in which we praise God with groovy songs, listen to exciting stories from the Bible and pray together.