Church Leadership
Christoph Meier-Fürstenwerth

Christoph Meier-Fürstenwerth is both pastor and chairman of the church and took it over from his father Frieder Meier in January 2015. He is married to Kerrin and lives in Leonberg.

Praise, Media, Small Groups, Mission, Responsibility for the whole church
Jürgen Plachta

Jürgen Plachta is deputy chairman of the church and part of the leadership team since 1997. Apart from that he is responsible for church finances. He lives in Weissach.

Prayer, Finances, Prophetic Service
Sibylle & Stephan Grau

Sibylle and Stephan Grau are part of the leadership team as a couple since 2009. They have three daughters and live in Weissach.

Youth, Practical Services
Markus Krumbein

Markus Krumbein is part of the leadership team since 2015 and lives in Leonberg-Gebersheim. Besides his services as an elder of the church, he coordinates our projects in Uganda.

Children, Evangelisation, Mission