Uganda Integrated Community Based Projects

Friendship became more. Our Ugandan friends Hans and Peter founded a small relief agency called “Uganda Integrated Community Based Projects”, or UICBP, in 2003. Motivated by God’s love and the needs of people, they provide support in the areas of schooling, health care, education about hygiene and HIV. What once began small has grown bigger meanwhile. In the year 2007, Immanuel Church started actively participating in the project. Together we are involved in supporting people affected by poverty by helping them to assume responsibility and develop a perspective. For this we cooperate with the families and a network of multiple small churches very close to the people.

With sponsorship programmes, we make it possible for orphans to attend school with the objective of an apprenticeship. We support widows with e.g. goats, matresses and even simple houses. A well was built for a village community. Through community, seminars and teaching about the Christian faith we attempt to give hopeless people new confidence.

Our Friendship

The friendship among one another and with Jesus form the basis for all common activities. Intensive exchange and regular visits foster these relationships out of which great mutual trust has grown. This is a condition for the long-term viability of the project, that the aid reaches the people and hope grows.


The money from sponsorships is used for school fees, school uniforms, health care, board and lodging. Voluntary helpers allow that 100% of donations reach the children.


With one-time and regular donations we can achieve a lot together.

30€ per month for a child sponsorship
20€ per month to partially support a widow’s livelihood
20€one goat
100-200€one cow
1,300€ cost of a simple house
7,000€ cost of building a well

If you want to support these projects financially, please transfer your donations to the account of the Immanuel Foundation and use the reference “Uganda”.