Home Churches and Small Groups

Our church life is as diverse as the people who attend our church.

The most important events are our Sunday service and various small groups during the week. These give us the opportunity to be together in everyday life. This is where faith becomes hands-on and personal.

Home Churches

Home churches are small groups that usually meet one evening every week at someone’s home. They are a supplement to the church services on Sunday and a good place to live community. They’re always about that but often also about biblical topics, activities with others, personal exchange and common prayer.

Small Groups

Small groups also have the goal to bring people together and take place weekly, but limited in time to several months. In contrast to home churches, small groups are about a certain topic, for example a leisure activity or a course. This will be linked with biblical impulses, exchange among each other and prayer. Everyone can choose the group that fits the own interests and circumstances, or even offer one by oneself.

Got Curious?

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